Sunday, January 30, 2011

Photos from the Rahm Rally, Tues. Jan. 25

Awoke at 6:30AM today (Sunday) to work on Tuesday's pipeline. Yesterday I had to work at day job from 9AM-1PM, gotta love Saturday hours, and had been up at 7AM. After work I walked around town most of the day. Around 9PM last night I was at Easy Bar on Division and falling asleep on a friend. I went home to crash, and my friend went off to cover the 11PM show at Chopin that will be included in the next pipeline (FEB 1).

My desktop Mac keeps crashing, so I just deleted close to 2,000 pictures...

Now, the desktop is restarting and I am hoping it will run more smoothly for when Phlash pops by and uploads his images.

Speaking of Phlash, he was bummed out this past week that I did not include his Rahm rally pictures which were submitted post-deadline.

The few days leading up to Tuesday's pipeline are pretty hellish.

I try to photo edit my week's worth of photos on Sunday and finish the intro, community news, tidbits, and calendar, with only about half of the said getting done. On Monday night, after nine or so hours of being in a cube, I receive stories from others which I edit and integrate into the pipeline, including at least 100 photos by Phlash.

I force myself to go to bed by 1AM on late/Monday/early Tuesday, so that I can awake at 5AM and have 2.5 solid, quiet hours before dashing off to work. Then, I return home from work Tuesday night around 7PM where I address edits from Pat, who edits/proof reads during the day. Often I work til Midnight on Tuesday, then awake at 4:30 or 5AM Wednesday, and hit the "SEND" button right before I go to work.

And then it starts all over again-- reading emails throughout the week, beginning with replies to the email I've just sent out, assigning stories, following up on leads, taking pictures, 'walking the streets' almost the entire day Saturday like I did yesterday and part of Sunday, with production beginning Sunday early evening.

So, that's my life.


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