Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Week Past, The One Ahead

Armmagetajobagain is approaching. Here is yesterday's pipeline (JAN 4). No clue what tomorrow's will look like, but because I have advertisers and Phlash, it will look like something. I can't fail just because there's not enough time for two lives. This will be a huge test but I guess I have no other option but to take it.



  1. I am really lovin' the business logos in the Pipeline. Nice and colorful. Fantastic made up word for upcoming 2nd life. Can't wait to hear about it next week.

  2. Well, I won't be writing about it, Mindy, but I will call you! So much to do today, trying not to get too panicked. I am excited to start the new job, but it will be tough to not be working on the pipeline all the time.

    Today I have planned pop ins at two businesses, plus will end up covering at least a few weekend events, and I already covered the alderman forum, and somehow will have to get all of my stuff done by Sunday or Monday night, not to mention renewing advertisers and maintaining biz side of things, editing other people's content. And spending time with friends and having a life. BREATHE... The word of the new year! I miss you. If by chance you do come back to Chicago, you could help run the pipeline! ;)

  3. oh, thanks, i like the biz logos too along the side! always trying to make it less cluttered, if you have ideas let me know. trying not to fear white space and believe that 'less is more.' also, now that i'll have a bit more breathing room with finances, i might actually cover restaurant scene now and then!