Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sound OFF, by Philin Phlash

Sound OFF: In the City of Big Shoulders, Do We Ask What Colors Shoulders Are?
By Philin Phlash

In this day and age, does it matter that Derrick Rose has black shoulders, or Jay Cutler has white shoulders?

No, not in our world. What we care about is that they are good at what they do. Period.

People care that these guys go out on the court or field and give 100% or more to win. They try their best, and really, that's all the public can ask. Try hard for us, for Chicago, our kind of town. Make the people of the Windy City proud. We live- work- love- evolve here, in the great city of Chicago.

So, I ask you all, WHO SHALL RUN OUR CITY? Who shall work at this game 100% to make it better for everyone, all shoulders. This should not be a "Race-Race" in Chicago, but a "Who Will do the best job?" race. Flores, Fioretti, Dart, Meeks, Davis, all great men, could've been any of them, but now they are out. Who is in to win? Who loves this city? Who thinks it's worth fighting for?

The song on the radio, you only hear the music, or that guitar you love, the guitar which is supported by a strap which goes over a big shoulder. Is it Hendrix, or Stevie Ray, Santana, or Dylan? It doesn't matter. You will love the song, the message, the love, and the artist depending on your own individual taste of what style and what's right for you. No one can tell you how to feel, but we all want to feel like winners. We are responsible for our own actions, so take actions in 2011, and "turn it up to 11," bring it on, sing your song, make a dent and change the world for the better. Help your fellow man, and be the woman or man that you are meant to be!

(Note: Photo of Derrick Rose will appear in actual pipeline. It's on my desktop and I'm on laptop. -AH)

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