Monday, January 10, 2011

Teddy Varndell Reacts to the Forum


I was underwhelmed. None of the three opponents in 32 had a specific instance of wrong doing, malfeasance, or dog kicking to lay at Waguespack's feet. They couldn't even pull something juicy from the D-2's.

The best Mr. Gorman could muster were accusations of Scott's reaching for higher office, which as John "I've never met a public office I won't campaign for" Fritchey's protege, seemed a bit silly.

Pavlik, the Mell/machine candidate, was enthusiastic about potholes, constituent services and "keeping people in their homes" (a curfew?), all noble causes I guess, but a platform? Where's the beef?

And then there was Lynch, a remnant vestige of the Matlak era who quite frankly was a tad creepy in a zombie sort of way. The walking dead, lucky to carry the 3rd precinct.

If I was Scott I wouldn't spend a nickel until after Feb 22nd, his eventual re-election a forgone conclusion.

Teddy Varndell

(Note: Teddy gave us permission to use his name in association with his opinion.)


  1. Wow Teddy. Don't hold back. Joe lake, Chicago

  2. The man has got a right to express... :) I first knew of Teddy when reading a Chicago Journal story about the mural removed from the Hull House condos on North in 06 or 07. We received a lettet from a reader who said we had too much coverage of Moreno and not enough on other first ward candidates aka Lopez. I'll try to be less biased moving forward. As for Waguespack I was just quoting what he said about not being a surrogate for old ways. It will likely be a run-off.....

  3. sorry for typos...RUNNING out door!!!!!!!

  4. Keep up the good work. Joe Lake, Chicago

  5. Thanks, Joe. Will try. So tired. 3.5 hours to proofing and been a long day in my non-pipeline cube.